On this page are some examples of poems written by Kelvin.

Chasing time

Cycles, a geometrical pattern to begin anew,

It comes to us all, to me and you.

We live out our lives, a fools quest baked in a glorified sun,

But some day, rest in peace and we are surely done.


To fear the unknown, and hide from the dark,

Or to stand tall, and make your own determined mark.

For when darkness comes knocking, three taps and your out,

You can do nothing, no one really hears your pleading shout.


So we look for some comfort, and sense in the fog,

Some confirmation, were not just lucifers dog.

For we want to live, not fall, and run free as the air,

We don't want to be told, that no one really cares.


Brightened lights dawn, eternal flames our spirits burn,

You can't just snuff us out, delete all we learn.

There must be more than this, inevitable cue for twilights bus,

We want to live forever, to fight as we must.


Then look to skywards yonder, at the stars so far and deep,

Even they have limits, to meet their makers keep.

And galaxies too, who spin to an expansive gaping halt,

You can't deny the truth, hide in religion or cult.


Fundamental to the cosmos, the law that rules them all,

All things come to pass, and hear the gilahorns Call.

For bangs may start and space may bend,

Yet time goes on, and does not end.


As people are born and people die,

Fear not death, try not to cry.

For end is certain, as the dying sun,

So live life now, before time does come.


For some things are certain, in short life of this,

Enjoy it all, moments now soon to miss,

And return yee not, to shangri-la,

For dark does come, take who you are.


And do not dwell, on life's have nots,

But gratitude and thanks, for your small lots.

As none does matter, when the end is nigh,

Your life force lost, as air to sky.


For hearts may beat, and stars may burn,

And planets may spin and dreams may yearn.

But end will come to all things at last.

So make it count, your future, present and past.

= =

An insight frozen in time

I awaken from the night, a thought disturbs me,

turning over I close my eyes and try to shut it out.

But the thought persists, a niggling feeling that something, somewhere in the depths of my mind, an idea had come to fruition.

 By this time I am fully awake, and sit up trying to recapture this thought,

what was the idea, where did it come from, I know I had it, if only for a brief moment.

 Disturbed I get up and go look through the window into the garden

The birds have arisen and are busy feeding their young. Do they know?

 I cannot re-capture this moment, yet I know it was there,

that somewhere from deep in the blackness an insight was given whose time had come.

 I know it was important, a thought so clear, was it the answer I have been seeking, been needing to find.

 Or am I deluding myself, into believing that for an instant the universe removed her mask, and showed me her face.

 I know this feeling is right, I saw a solution in my sleep, but cannot recapture it.

 Once again, my mind shields all naked sinularities and coverts the truth. I had my chance.

 I had a finite time, a finite moment to bite at the apple and look inside.

But it is too late, I was not quick enough, the secret has returned to its place, and I sit alone, aware of my loss.

 For I know for sometime I will feel that something precious existed in my place and in my time - if only for an interval.

This brief moment of pure clarity, of profound insight is gone from my mind to an infinite place I cannot reach.

 Maybe someone else will happen upon it, perhaps they will bite at the moment and pier deep enough to see what is there.

 I hope not, it was for me, it was special, but I was not.

= = =

The Starship

 Starship shine, so light, so bright,

You sail among the stars at night.

You pass on by this pale blue dot,

Believing we humans, give not a jot.

You explore our worlds, borrow our gravity,

You seek out knowledge, and moments of clarity.

You come from a place, so far and long,

There, not here, is where you belong.

But don’t go too soon, stick around for a while,

Us humans are busy calculating, can you see our smile.

For we see our future, that awaits to begin,

We grasp at it tightly, not wanting to give in.

Conflicts and disharmony, there may be below,

But in space is where, we really long to go.

To make new friends, above the sky,

Oh Starship so bright…give us time to try.

= = =

I am not perfect

If I have slight you harshly, with my written words of touch,

I am sorry for my ignorance; not knowing very much.

And if I upset you, with hastened words of shallow breath,

Forgive my candour, and the madness of me among death.


If I made you feel small, and less of a woman or man,

That was surely not my goal, for the words that I now damn.

If I grounded your precious ego, in the shadow of my Sun,

Then I was a worm, to cause what I had done.


If I made you question, the gleam of hope inside your eye,

Fear not, for I too am mortal, someday I too will die.

If I made you wonder, if life was worth living at all,

Then I should go first, to hear the devils call.


If I wasted your time, on a busy summers day,

Then do not remain with me, you are free to go or stay.

If I caused you lost sleep, to dream of golden lands,

Then please chastise my soul, and slap upon my hands.


If I do raise my voice, among a weakened crowd,

Forgive me the language, for I should make no sound.

If I should make a bluster, to disturb the tranquil air,

I ask you not to think, that I don’t really care.


If I do not heed your wisdom, and all that you would say,

Then deserve you I do not, strike me down right here you may.

If I do not listen, with thought from ear to ear,

Then stab me through the chest, with sharpened rusty spear.


If I am not perfect, be not surprised at all,

For surely I am not; but merely a stupid fool.

Yet love you all I do, for the people that you are,

And always I am here, never gone and never far.


I wrote these words to show, that I am just a dot,

Confused in this dear life, but minding a whole lot.

For soon we will be gone, as tides unto the sea,

Yet hold to joy my friends, to know of you and me.

= = =

Take me to the Moon

La Lunar, the bright sphere I see,

My inspiration, always watching me,

I long to walk upon your rolling barren lands,

Kick pebbles with my boots, touch rocks with my hands.


Twelve men have stepped upon your ashen grey dust,

They had the right stuff, others stay at home they must,

I watch from a distance, one second away,

As the space men have fun, not me, just they.


I want a rocket, to take me to the moon,

Fill me with joy, take away my constant gloom,

Let me climb those ancient valleys and trek those drawn out rills,

Explorer I will be, jubilation and thrills.


And if I can’t have a rocket, then build me a big gun,

Fire me in a cannon, eject me as a tonne,

Flying through the sky, I may not survive the flight,

Yet I may just reach my target, even if I die of fright.


And if I can’t have a cannon, then build me a bridge,

One that crosses the void, from mountain to ridge,

Fix it tight at both ends; make it sturdy and strong,

Swinging in the orbit, held in gravity’s song.


And if I can’t have a bridge, then build me a lift,

Taller than the trees, rising up through the mist,

Using magnetic tracks, ascend into the sky,

Taking me closer to the stars, oh my! oh my!


If I really can’t go, then I will just go to sleep,

Dream of your lands, count orbits not sheep,

As I descend onto your surface, steady and slow,

Reach out and try to hold you, then I shall know.


I am told the chance is slim, but hear my pleas of yearning,

It is eating me up inside, torturing my mind and burning,

Because for all the lovely Earth, with its vast and varied room,

I just want to walk upon the face of the moon.

= = =