The following is a list of several non-profit and for-profit companies for which Kelvin has been involved.

Stellar Engines Ltd

Legal Status: UK for-profit Ltd Liability (active)
Role: Founder
Position: Managing Director
Web Address: http://www.sel.space

Mission: The mission of Stellar Engines Ltd is to connect people to knowledge about space and to reach for the stars through scientific excellence.

Nebula Sciences Ltd

Legal Status: UK for-profit Ltd Liability (the company is no longer trading)
Role: Co-founder with Sam Harrison
Position: Director and Lead Scientist
Web Address: http://www.nebulasciences.com
Mission: The mission of Nebula Sciences is to lower the cost of access to near space for all.


Terra Altair Ltd

Legal Status: UK for-profit Ltd Liability (active)

Role: Founder

Position: Managing Director

Web Address: none

Mission: The mission of Terra Altair is to conduct property, investment and wealth generation activities which contribute to education and research activities that advance the human position in access to deep space.

The Initiative for Interstellar Studies

Legal Status: UK pending non-for-profit limited by guarantee (active)
Role: Co-founder and originator with Robert Swinney
Position: Researcher (Previously President and Director Strategy and founding Executive Director)
Web Address: http://www.i4is.org/
Mission: The mission of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies (I4IS) is to foster and promote education, knowledge and technical capabilities which lead to designs, technologies or enterprise that will enable the construction and launch of interstellar spacecraft. The vision of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies is to aspire towards an optimistic future for humans on Earth and in space. Our bold vision is to be an organisation that is central to catalysing the conditions in society over the next century to enable robotic and human exploration of the frontier beyond our Solar System and to other stars, as part of a long-term enduring strategy and towards a sustainable space-based economy.

There is also a U.S sister company titled the Institute for Interstellar Studies, incorporated in 2014, for which Kelvin served as the founding President and then served as the Chairman of the board until September 2018.


Icarus Interstellar

Legal Status: non-profit 501(3)c in the US
Role: Co-founder with Richard Obousy, Andreas Tziolas, Robert Freeland, Adam Crowl, Pat Galea.
Position: Vice President European Operations, Secretary, Committee Chair until 2012. No longer involved.
Web Address: http://www.icarusinterstellar.org/
Mission: The mission of Icarus Interstellar is to realize interstellar flight before the year 2100. We will accomplish this objective by researching and developing the science and the technologies that will make interstellar flight a reality, igniting the public’s interest, and engaging with all those prepared to invest in interstellar exploration.

100 Year Starship

Legal Status: unknown

Role: co-winner of the NASA/DARPA 2011 $500,000 award. Resigned in June 2012. No longer involved.

Position: never defined.

web address: http://100yss.org/

Mission: We exist to make the capability of human travel beyond our solar system a reality within the next 100 years. We unreservedly dedicate ourselves to identifying and pushing the radical leaps in knowledge and technology needed to achieve interstellar flight, while pioneering and transforming breakthrough applications that enhance the quality of life for all on Earth. We actively seek to include the broadest swath of people and human experience in understanding, shaping and implementing this global aspiration.

The British Interplanetary Society

In addition, Kelvin is an active supporter and Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, which is the oldest (1933) space based charity in the world dedicated to advancements in astronautics and space exploration. He has served on their governing council and was previously the Chief Editor of their premier technical publication, The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS).

Legal Status: UK Charity Ltd by Guarantee (active)
Role: member governance team, Fellow, lead for technical publications
Position: Council Member, Chief Editor JBIS, Deputy Chairman Technical Committee, Member other Committees
Web Address: http://www.bis-space.com

Mission: The objects for which the Society is established are to promote the advancement of knowledge and the spread of education and particularly to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge relating to the science, engineering and technology of Astronautics and to support and engage in research studies and to disseminate the useful results thereof and in furtherance thereof: To hold Meetings of the Society and to hold and promote exhibitions in connection with the interests and activities of the Society. To print or cause to be printed, publish, sell, lend or distribute the Proceedings and Reports of the Society or any journals, magazines, works of treatises in connection with the interests and activities of the Society. To provide funds for educational and academic activities in furtherance of its objects.