This is a short record of various media interactions, interviews, quotes and mentions. 

Media Publications

  1. Popular Mechanics Magazine, March 2018.
  2. Nature, Journal, "First Trip to the Stars", Volume 542, pp.20-22, February 2017.
  3. Aerospace America, magazine, USA: "Proxima Centauri by 2099" (Apr 2016, pp.18-24).
  4. All About Space, magazine, UK: "Project Dragonfly" (2014).
  5. Astronomy Now, magazine, UK: "Picturing Proxima's Planet" (p.28, Oct 2016), "Interview" (p.77, Jun2012).
  6. Ciel & Space, magazine, France:
  7. Centauri Dreams, news web site, USA: ....
  8. New Scientist, magazine, UK: "Take me to Alpha Centauri, one day" (24 Aug 2013, pp.8-9).
  9. The Times, newspaper, UK: "World The Apocalypse" (21 Dec 2012, p36).
  10. New York Times, newspaper, USA: "U.S Agency Seeks Plan to Send Humans to Stars" (18 Aug 2011, front page & p.A3).
  11. Physics World, magazine, UK: "Warp Speed Ahead" (Jan 2008, p11).
  12. The Guardian, newspaper, UK: "Researchers Follow the Enterprise and look into Warp Speed" (12 Nov 2007, p11).
  13. Scottish National Herald, newspaper, UK: "Enterprising Look at Space Travel makes Light Work of Warp Factor" (11 Nov 2007 p. 13)).
  14. Spaceflight, magazine, UK: "Britain in Space, UK Interstellar Institute Launched" (V55, pp84-85, Mar 2013), "Extraterrestrial Liberty" (V55, pp.312-313, Aug 2013), "Project Icarus Son of Daedalus" (V51, 12, Dec 2009, pp.454-455).
  15., news web site, USA: "Extraterrestrial Etiquette: How Should Humanity Interact with Alien Life?" (23 Oct 2013), "Futuristic Interstellar Space Probe Idea Revisited" (07 May 2010).

Some examples here: Read here, and Read here.

Radio & Podcast

  1. BBC Radio Glos, Joanna Durrant, Kate Clark show, 11 Feb & 18 Feb 2018.
  2. The Space Show, with David Livingston, Jan 2015. Listen here.
  3. Space Boffins, Boffin media, Richard Hollingham, Mar 2013.
  4. Space Boffins, Boffin media, Richard Hollingham, Nov 2011.
  5. 365 Days of Astronomy, 24 Mar 2011. Listen here.
  6. FM4 Austrian Radio Station, 2007.

Television & Film

  1. "Expedition New Earth", Consulting for Tim Peplow, Producer for Brook Lapping, for BBC/Smithsonian Channel and France 5 prodution "Expedition New Earth", hosted by Stephen Hawking, 2017.
  2. Consulting for Susan Watson, producer for television film in production, 2015.
  3. "Evacuate Earth", National Geographic, Atlas Media, filmed New York, USA, 2012. Consultant and appearance.
  4. "Fight for Space", Paul Hildebrandt production, filmed San Francisco & Dallas, USA, 2012 and 2013. Consultant.
  5. "The Sky at Night", with Patrick Moore and Chris Lintot, filmed Sussex, UK, 2011. Appearance.
  6. Birmingham University film for a Master's project, filmed London, UK, 2011. Consultant and appearance.
  7. "Going to the Stars", Produced by Christian Darkin, Anachronastic Films, filmed London, UK, 2007-2008. Consultant and appearance.

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